Thursday, October 2, 2014

Punch drunk…

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Let me begin this post by saying that I really didn't want to share these photos with ya'll because looking at them makes me a bit nauseous.  Allow me to explain.  These are some very silly photos.  However, they come from a day during which I accidentally made some very poor choices.  

These photos were taken at a festival a week or so ago.  Now, I thought that it was a sausage fest (yes, sausage fest… go ahead and snigger if you will) and I had planned to eat, maybe go on a ride, play a game and call it a day.  However, it was a wine fest.  And not just any wine fest.  It was a wine fest where a "glass" of wine was equal to half a litre.  

Ok, not so big a deal.  I figured I'd have one "glass," eat some food, maybe go on a ride, play a game and call it a day, but somehow that is not how the day went (though SB did win me a sparkly bracelet, a glittery butterfly, and a rubber skeleton in a shooting game).

Suffice it to say that I somehow managed to consume over a litre of wine, among other things.  I spent roughly an hour trying to speak a combination of French and Italian to a German man and then proceeded to give Soldier Boy a rundown on the history of Chicago gangsters, going as far as to tell him that Al Capone was my spirit guide and said that I should not need to walk to the train station, but that I should be carried (and he has a recording to prove it).  

Oh well… at least my hair looked PDA (which I just decided stands for Pretty Damn Amazing) all day. Saw some epic festival fashion, too (see below)! 

Scarf vintage

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  1. Oh my word... hilarious...and BTW, your hair is awesome.

  2. Love your outfit and hair! So cute!


  3. Those overalls and polka dots though! Ha!

  4. Sounds like a great time!! Hilarious that you tried to speak French & Italian to a German man!

  5. Haha, this event sounds excellent! Your hair really does look fantastic in all these pictures. And that silver Terminator head thing is really cool, I wish I had one in my room.

    Raissa | The Leather Fanny Pack
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  6. Hahah oh you definitely sound like a party. Great post!

  7. haha this post is too funny. I vote that we can hear this recording because I would seriously love to hear about your spirit guide haha

  8. Lovely hairdo!! Btw It still sound like a great party :)

  9. Your life seems so amazing!
    Love it

  10. Haha, great photos! Sounds like a fun time! Gorgeous outfit too. xxx
    Just Emma