Thursday, August 25, 2016

Red Rocks Canyon...

Wanderer necklace, Skar Designs leather cuff, Skar Designs stamped cuff, Skar Designs wrap bracelet, Limbo Jewelry Lotus Ring

Friends, I tell ya... travel seriously is the thing that keeps me keeping on.  Even when I don't have to go very far... if it's new, it's an exploration and I love it!  Because I am super new to the Vegas area, everything is an adventure right now.  Last weekend, SB and I decided to get out for a few hours and drove out to Red Rocks Canyon.  

It. Was. Gorgeous.  

Now, I've yet to see the Grand Canyon and have spent the majority of my life in the Midwest, so pretty much all mountain ranges totally stop me in my tracks.  This trip had me thinking back to exploring mountains in Germany, Lichtenstein, and Spain, but these rocks were red!  How cool is that?  

We made a quick stop in the information center (the gift shop is 'da bomb!) and then set out along the 13 mile drive that makes up this national park.  There are tons of places to pull off of the one-way road to take photos or start trail hikes.  It was over 100 degreed Fahrenheit, so we did just a little bit of pointing and shooting, but are planning to return in a few months when it's a bit cooler to hike and picnic!  

After our 13-mile drive, we saw signs for Bonnie Springs Ranch, which I recently discovered seems to be haunted, and since I was driving, I took us on a quick detour.  We didn't have any cash, so we didn't actually get into Old Nevada to see any of the haunted locations, but it was a super quirky little side trip that I may end up making again if I should happen to make friends with someone else who is hooked on haunted stuff!  

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Change is constant...

Suai Suai long blue kimono, Skar designs beaded crystal necklace, Limbo Jewelry lotus ring, Salvage Jewelry Co. star stamped cuff bracelet, casual outfit, boho outfit

Adapting to change is rarely a simple task.  Whether it be a simple schedule change at work or a move across the country, each new change brings a host of challenges along with it.  I've found that in life, as soon as you start to feel comfortable in what you're doing, that's when change comes along and shakes you up before you become complacent.  

I've been writing about change a lot lately, because that is the most prevalent thing in my life.  I'm getting ready to start officially doing a job that I've never done before.  I have very little direction.  I've never even observed the job that I'll be doing so I don't have even a basic framework of comparison.  In addition to all of that, I'm living in a different part of the country with a whole new climate and culture.  Aside from SB, I only really know about 3 people.  I haven't had time to keep up with my text message friends, so I'm feeling a bit cut off.  

I guess it's true what they say... that change is the only constant thing in life (well... along with death and taxes).  I'm just stuck right in the middle of it! 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 
: the jewelry is all handmade

Monday, August 22, 2016

#SustainableSunday with Garment Collective...

Garment Collective print wrap top, Skar Designs necklace, Skar Designs beaded bracelets, Skar Designs turquoise ring, casual outfit, fair trade fashion, sustainable fashion, ethical fashion

You know how sometimes #FreebieFriday happens on Saturday?  Well, other times, #SustainableSunday happens on Monday.  But I swear it's only because I was traveling and totally zonked out by the time I had internet access.  

This week, I would like to tell you about Garment Collective, another great company that I found on Instagram.  Garment Collective is all about both fair trade and sustainability, which means that they get my vote right off the bat! Artisans that work for Garment Collective are paid a fair wage, are given healthcare, and are offered the option to take educational courses.  As far as sustainability goes, all of Garment Collective's products are pieced together just south of the Himalaya Mountains in a facility that is dedicated to the mantra "leave no trace."  They do everything within their power to use only what they need and have as little waste as possible.  

I don't know about ya'll, but I'm totally loving this block printed wrap top.  It's definitely a piece that is helpful in aiding me with my transition back into the world of education, but I can also totally picture myself pairing it with bell bottoms, maybe wearing it draped open and with tons of boho jewelry! Well, tons more anyway... I managed to put together quite the jewelry party with this look all compliments of Skar Designs


Friday, August 19, 2016


Garment Collective black twill shorts, Skar Designs necklace, Skar Designs leather cuff, Skar Designs beaded bracelets, teacher outfit, summer outfit, casual outfit

Dear People of the World, 

Vegas is incredibly hot. 

Love, Moi.

But really.  I knew that it would be hot here, but I don't think I fully understood just HOW hot it would be... and now that I'm living on my own and won't get paid for another month, I am doing everything within my power not to spend a cent, which unfortunately, means that I very rarely turn the air conditioning on. 

This isn't AS crazy as it sounds, because in Germany we had no air conditioning and I just got used to being hot all the time.  My uniform while at home, I'm ashamed to admit, was booty shorts and a sports bra (and it may or may not have become so again).  Also, I've been spending lots of time at work or in common areas in my apartment complex, so I get air and Internet (which I have also yet to install at home) and can get stuff done.  

Also with this transition to Vegas comes a switch back to wearing teacher clothes.  I've spoken before about how I'm really not a huge fan of "teacher" clothes because I feel like I have to reign myself back and I lose some ability to express myself.  I love to make outfits and while, yes, dress codes definitely have a place in society, some of the things that I would like to wear and would still be dress code appropriate sometimes earn me some weird looks at work.  Definitely not what I want to happen when starting a new job!  

I've been trying to work my usual hippie clothes into work-appropriate outfits and came up with this little number!  I still got to wear my gladiator sandals and my linen top, but instead of wearing baggy palazzo pants, I opted for these fair trade twill shorts!  I think it worked!  

What do you think?  What are some things that you're living without?  Any transitions in your life as a new school year starts? 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A paranormal experience...

Ok, pals, I swear I'll start posting outfit photos again soon, but I am really on a bit of a wander-binge since I've just moved. These are finally the last snaps from my life in Illinois and I have been anxiously waiting to share them.  

As some of ya'll may know, I'm obsessed with ghost stories, shows about ghosts, and abandoned buildings, so you can imagine just how totally super stoked I was when my buddy, Pedro, and I went on our walk at the Joliet Iron Works Historic Site and happened to pass the Old Joliet Prison.  

You may actually recognize this place, as it's been featured in tons of movies and TV shows (most notably "Blues Brothers" and "Prisonbreak").  I, personally, and never heard of it, but was immediately drawn to how spooky it looked.  I hadn't read any ghost stories about it, there was nothing outside of the site that alluded to anything ghostly, but friends... I had my first paranormal experience in a long time here.  It gave me the best kind of shivers! 

Here's what happened:  I was walking around and taking photos while Pedro was in the car battling Pokemon.  I approached the gate house when my camera, which I had charged fully the night before and had only taken about 20 photos with on our walk, started flashing that the battery was dead.  I thought, "Oh man!  That stinks" but continued to take photos as long as I could.  Pedro came and joined me and we walked out and around the building and the battery warning on my camera totally and completely went away... until we walked back over by the gatehouse.  Once again, it started flashing that the battery was going to die.  I thought it was kind of weird and we started to walk back towards the car. 

This, my friends, is when I suddenly began to hear piano music coming from behind me (i.e. the gatehouse).  I stopped, listened closer and asked Pedro if he heard anything.  His response was, "Yeah... I think I hear piano music."  And a few seconds later, it had stopped.  

I messed with my camera the whole way home and never got the battery warning again.  I was actually able to use the camera without charging it again for about 4 more days after this happened.  

Weird coincidence... or paranormal experience...?  You decide!  

Note: After some Googling, I came up with about 15 sites in Joliet that are supposed to be haunted.  The TAPS team from Ghost Hunters even investigated one of them several years ago!  


I was taking this photo of a randomly discarded chair when I first noticed the piano music...